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Navigate the Practice Settings Page

The Practice Settings page allows Kareo system administrators to easily manage settings for the practice. You can also access license agreements and implementation resources to help you get set up.

Access Practice Settings

Hover over the User icon and click on Practice Settings. The Practice Settings page opens.


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Navigate the Practice Settings Page

  1. Practice Information: Review and edit basic information for your practice.
  2. Insurance: Clinical module subscribers can add insurance company and plan information. Billing subscribers can add companies and plans and enroll for electronic services.
  3. User Settings: Add and edit user account settings and roles.
  4. Service Locations: Add and edit information about your service locations.
  5. Provider Profiles: Access settings to manage your online provider profile information.
  6. Calendar Settings: Manage time zone, appointment time increments, visit reasons, rooms and equipment, and office hours, time off, and holiday schedules for providers and office staff.
  7. Patient Communications: Set up and manage automated appointment confirmation and reminder messages. Kareo Marketing subscribers can also access post-visit patient surveys and recall settings.
  8. Payment Settings: Set up the Patient Payments feature to enable the practice to accept credit card payments from patients.



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Click the down area on the right of the following sections to view and access additional functions. 

  1. Clinical 
  • ​​​​Prescription Preferences: Set parameters that trigger alert messages and determine response options during a user's prescription session.
  • Clinical Decision Support: Configure Clinical Decision Support permissions and turn USPSTF Recommendations on or off.
  • Lab List: Customize a default list of lab tests that clinicians can order or perform.
  1. Misc
  • Portal Settings: Access settings for the patient portal.
  • Referring Providers: Create a database of referring providers that can be easily added to clinical notes and patient demographics.
  • Referral Sources: Create a list of referral sources to track how patients are introduced to your practice. A referral source can be added in the patient's Demographics.
  1. Data Management
  • Import Demographics: Import patient demographic data.
  • Import Clinical Data: Submit a request to import patient clinical data files into Kareo.
  • Export Data: Submit a request to export clinical patient data for portability.
  1. Kareo
  • Security Policy: Set various password and login rules that apply to all users in your practice.
  • Legal Agreements: Quickly access the License Agreement and other important documents that govern the relationship between your practice and Kareo.

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