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Stripe Terminal: Collect Patient Payment

Updated: 09/14/2021
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Once the Stripe credit card terminal setup is complete, you can begin to use the card reader to take secure in-person payments. The terminal supports chip, swipe, and contactless payments, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

To collect patient payments manually or with a saved card, review Collect Copay or Payment.

Initiate Payment

  1. Hover over the Platform icon and click on Dashboard. The Dashboard opens.
  2. Click on the appointment to view the appointment card.
  3. Click More Options > Collect Payment. The Collect a Payment page opens.

Collect Patient Payment

  1. Verify patient information, review outstanding charges, and any unapplied payments.
  2. By default, the Payment Amount field is populated with the Total Account Balance. If necessary, enter a different payment amount.
    • To enter additional details about the payment (e.g., date of service), click Add Payment Note. This note is only visible to the practice and does not print on the patient receipt.
  3. Keep Credit Card as the Payment Method. Then, click to select the Stripe terminal
    • By default, "Save this card on file" is selected to simultaneously save the new credit card on file and email the Credit Card Authorization form to the patient for authorization (Engage subscribers only). Otherwise, the patient agreement needs to be completed via paper.
      Note: For convenience and optional use, click Download Patient Agreement for a template.
    • If card information needs to be manually entered, click + Manually Enter New Card and enter the information. When finished, click Finalize Payment and submit the payment.
  4. Click Connect To Terminal. The Waiting for customer to insert, tap or swipe to pay pop-up message displays.
    • To cancel the payment, click cancel payment.
  1. Once the patient payment has successfully processed, the Receipt page opens. 
    1. For a detailed receipt (e.g., FSA/HSA patients), click to select "Itemize Receipt".
    2. Click Print or Email to print or email the receipt.
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