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Patient Collect Card Reader

Updated: 01/21/2021
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Kareo's Patient Payments feature is integrated with ID Tech card readers which allow practices to collect more patient revenue at the point of sale. The robust, cost-efficient, reliable and easy-to-use swiper technology enables practices to process patient payments more efficiently, provide enhanced payment flexibility to patients, and improve overall patient billing outcomes.

Note: For an in-person payments solution that supports contactless payments, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, Kareo offers payments via Stripe terminal

Question Answer

Which ID Tech card reader should I purchase?


Kareo is fully integrated with two ID Tech card readers which can be ordered directly from Amazon.

Will the card reader work with a Mac? Yes. The ID Tech MiniMag is compatible with Macs. 
Will the card reader work with Kareo running in Parallels? Yes. The ID Tech MiniMag will work in Parallels or any Windows emulator software.
Can I use a different card reader or use one that I already own? We recommend using the Kareo preferred ID Tech card reader.
I ordered the card reader but it has not arrived. Who can I contact? Contact Amazon Customer Support for more information.
The card reader is not functioning (e.g., information is not populating). Who do I contact? Contact Amazon Customer Support for more information.


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