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Navigate the Insurance Dashboard

The Insurance Dashboard provides visibility into insurance information as it applies your practice. Here, you can view the insurances on your account, add new insurance companies, and enter and edit plans. Billing module subscribers have the ability to enroll for available electronic services with insurance companies to submit claims, check patient eligibility, and receive ERAs. 

Access the Insurance Dashboard

  1. Hover over the User icon and click Practice Settings. The Practice Settings menu opens.
  2. Click Insurance on the left menu. The Insurance dashboard opens.

PF access insurance.png

Navigate the Insurance Dashboard

  1. Assisted Enrollments On:* Displays if Kareo has been authorized to facilitate enrollments for electronic insurance services on your behalf.
  2. +Add Insurance: Click to initiate the workflow to add one or more insurance companies to your account.
  3. v:* Click the +Add Insurance drop-down arrow to enroll for available electronic services with one or more insurance companies on your account.
  4. Electronic and Paper Tabs:* By default, the Insurance Dashboard opens to the Electronic insurances tab. Click Paper to view your account's paper-based insurance companies.
  5. Insurance #:* The ID number used by the clearinghouse to route electronic claims to the insurance company.
  6. Insurance Name: Alphabetically displays the names of insurance companies on your account.
  7. Claims, Eligibility, ERAs:* Displays the status of electronic services offered by the insurance company.

* Feature available to Kareo Billing module customers. 

PF navigate the insurance dashboard.png