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Enroll for Electronic Insurance Services

Updated: 12/23/2019
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Kareo makes it easy to submit claims and other transactions electronically. For practices with Kareo Billing, we offer assisted enrollment to set up your electronic service connections with insurance companies so you can check patient eligibility, submit claims, and receive ERAs. Even if you've used electronic services with insurance companies in the past, you must complete the enrollment process through Kareo.

Before enrolling for electronic services, the insurance company must first be added to your Kareo account and the service status must display as Enrollment Required. Enrollment is performed at the provider billing NPI level and can only be completed by a user with the role of System Administrator or Biller.

Access Insurance

  1. Hover over the User icon and click on Practice Settings. The Practice Settings page opens.
  2. Click Insurance. The Insurance Companies dashboard opens.


Enroll for Electronic Services

  1. Click the +Add Insurance down-down arrow and select Enroll Insurance. The Enrollments Setup page opens.
    • To edit previously saved enrollments, select Saved for Later.



Electronic Enrollment Types

Use the FAQ section for explanations of each step.

  1. Click to select which type of enrollment you are adding:
    • Group: Select this option to enroll all providers in the practice for the selected services.
    • Individual: Select this option to enroll a specific provider for the selected services. Then, Select a Provider from the drop-down menu.
  2. Questions about group/individual's enrollment: These questions only need to be answered once per group and provider. Once answered the enrollment questions will be hidden on the enrollments setup wizard. 
    • Click Yes or No to indicate whether the provider has previously billed the insurance companies in this enrollment set electronically.
    • Click Yes or No to indicate whether the provider has previously received ERAs from the insurance companies with a previous software. If yes, indicate which clearinghouse was used.
      • If TriZetto/GatewayEDI, enter the TriZetto Site ID used.
      • If Other, enter the name of the primary clearinghouse used with the previous software.
  3. The Tax ID and NPI fields will auto-populate based on the data entered during setup within Practice Settings.
  4. Click Next to continue or choose to Save for Later

Transfer of Authorization

This form helps expedite the enrollment process by authorizing Kareo to sign insurance company EDI agreements on your behalf. Skipping this step may cause delays in your practice getting paid.

  1. Click Download & Proceed.
  2. Save the TAF pdf document to your computer. 

Note: Only one form is required for group enrollments and each provider. Once the form has been received by Kareo, this option will no longer display.


Insurance Selection

  1. Click the + or the insurance name to add to the Selected Insurances list. 
    • To remove a selected insurance, click the trash icon.
  2. Verify the practice is credentialed, contracted, or participating with all the selected insurances.
    Note: Insurances will deny enrollments if the provider or group is not a recognized in their network. 
  3. Click Next to continue or choose to Save for Later

Practice Information

  1. Verify the Practice Information is current and the same for all selected insurances.
  2. Click Yes or No to indicate whether the provider has moved in the past 6 months. If yes, enter the previous address. 
  3. Click Next to continue or choose to Save for Later

Contact Information

  1. Verify the practice main point of contact is up to date. This contact is who Kareo can reach out to if there are any questions during the enrollments process.  
  2. Click Yes or No to indicate whether or not the main point of contact is recognized by Medicare / Medicaid as the authorized signer for this NPI. If no, enter the contact information for the authorized signer. 
  3. Click Next to continue or choose to Save for Later

Add Individual Electronic Insurances

Insurance companies that are ready for electronic services enrollment display.

  1. Select the services to enroll for with each insurance company. Options include "Claims," Eligibility," and "ERAs".
    • Click to select the enrollment.
    • Pre-selected checkboxes indicate transactions that are automatically included by the insurance company without additional enrollment requirements.
    • Some insurance companies may not support all three services. If a service is not displayed, it is not available.
    • Additional information (Provider Numbers and etc.) may be required.
  2. Click Submit Enrollment when finished or choose to Save for Later

Upon submission, an email confirmation is sent to the user that completed the enrollment.


Upload Transfer for Authorization

If necessary, follow the instructions in the previously saved TAF to complete the Transfer for Authorization form. Then, upload the scanned file.

  1. Hover over the Platform icon and click on Documents. The Documents page opens.
  2. Click +Upload Documents page. Your computer's document library opens. Find and double click on the scanned TAF to attach. The Upload Documents window opens.
  3. In the Name field, enter "TAF".
  4. Select Other from the Label drop-down.
  5. Click Upload. The document is now ready for the Enrollments team.

Important Next Step for Self-Enrolled Customers

Some insurance companies require completion of additional enrollment agreements for electronic claim transactions. If you are a self-enrolled customer, once you've submitted your enrollment request through Kareo, visit our Payers and Agreements page to find payer-specific enrollment information. Then download, print, and mail the necessary agreements to your providers.