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Add New Insurance Company

Kareo customers can add insurance companies in Practice Settings to create a single database of insurance information. Once an insurance company record has been created, insurance plans can be stored within the payer details and later added to patient records, as needed.  For practices with Kareo Billing, we offer assisted enrollment to set up electronic connections with insurance companies so you can check patient eligibility, submit claims, and receive ERAs.

Note: Adding insurance company information in Kareo does not create an electronic (EDI) connection with the payer to send and receive information. A subscription to Kareo's Billing module is required to electronically submit claims, check patient eligibility, and receive ERAs. Visit the Solution Center to learn more about Kareo Billing.

Navigate to Insurance

  1. Hover over the User icon and click Practice Settings. The Practice Settings menu opens.
  2. Click Insurance on the left menu. The Insurance dashboard opens.

PF navigate to insurance 2.png

Add Insurance Company

Note: The images displayed throughout these instructions include features offered with Kareo's Billing module. Your view may vary slightly. 

  1. Click +Add Insurance in the upper right of the window. The Add Insurance window opens.

Most Commonly Requested Tab

  1. The Most Commonly Requested tab opens by default and includes a list of common payers in the state where your practice is located. 
  2. Use the scroll tool to navigate up and down the list.
  3. Click the + or anywhere on the line item to add the payer to your Selected Payer list.

PF add insurance company 1.png

Search Other Tab

  1. Click the Search Other tab to manually look for a payer.
  2. Begin typing the payer name and select it from the auto-populated list.
  3. Click More Filters to open filter options and search by Clearinghouse or State.
    Note: The clearinghouse Change Healthcare and the state in your practice address auto-populate by default.
  4. If the payer does not appear in the results, enter the insurance company name in the search box and click Add to create it as a custom payer.
    Note: Electronic services are not available with custom payers.

PF add insurance company 2.png

Review and Save Selected Insurances

  1. Review the list of payers you selected.
    Note: A payer that displays in yellow is either a duplicate in the Selected Insurances list or is an existing payer in your account.
  2. Click the X to remove a payer from the list.
  3. Click Save. The Insurance dashboard re-opens and the selected insurance companies are added to the list.

Note: Once an insurance company is added to your account, the electronic service statuses on the Insurance dashboard will display as Ineligible. Please allow 24 hours for statuses to update before submitting electronic service enrollment requests.   

PF add insurance company 3.png