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Add New Insurance Company

Updated: 12/20/2019
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Insurance companies represent an insurance carrier or network (e.g., Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Medicare). Once an Insurance Company record has been created, you can add insurance plans and enroll for available electronic services to submit claims, check patient eligibility, and receive ERAs. 

Note: A subscription to Kareo Billing is required to electronically submit claims, check patient eligibility, and receive ERAs. Visit the Solution Center to learn more about Kareo Billing.

Access Insurance

  1. Hover over the User icon and click on Practice Settings. The Practice Settings page opens.
  2. Click Insurance. The Insurance Companies dashboard opens.

  1. If desired, use the following filters or Search insurance companies by entering an insurance company's name or ID number.
    • Enrolled to: Click the drop-down arrow and select Group Enrollments or a specific provider's enrollments.
    • Scope: Click the drop-down arrow to select All, All Practices, or Practice Specific insurance companies.
    • Click to select "Only show enrollments in progress" to only show insurance companies with a status of Pending Insurance, Pending Practice, or On Hold.

Add Insurance Company

  1. To prevent duplication, verify the insurance company is not in the system then click +Add Insurance on the upper right of the window. The Most Commonly Requested tab of the Add Insurance window opens by default.
  2. Add an insurance company by selecting from the list of common insurances in the state (where the practice is located) and/or click the Search Other tab to manually look for an insurance.
    1. Most Commonly Requested: Use the scroll bar to navigate up and down the list then click + or anywhere on the line item to add the insurance company to the Selected Insurances list. 
    2. Search Other: Enter the Insurance Name or ID number and select it from the auto-populated results list. Then, click Add to add the insurance company to the Selected Insurances list. If desired, filter by Type, Clearinghouse or State.
  1. Review the Selected Insurances list for accuracy. 
    Note: An insurance that displays with an orange icon is either a duplicate in the list or is an existing insurance company in the account.
    • To remove an insurance company from the list, click X.
  2. Click Save. The Enrollments Dashboard returns and the selected insurance companies display in the list of insurances. 

Important Note: To ensure proper claim submission, configure each insurance company's settings in the Desktop Application.

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