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Export Patient Clinical Data

Kareo has the ability to export patient clinical data in bulk. Patient clinical data is exported in the form of Summary of Care files with a XML file extension, and includes the patient information required for Meaningful Use. 

Navigate to Data Management / Export Data

  1. Hover over the User icon in the top right of your screen and click Practice Settings to open the Practice Settings page.
  2. On the Practice Settings page click on Data Management .
  3. Then click Export Data on the left menu.  The Export Patient Summaries window opens displaying any one-time exports from the last 30-60 days, and all recurring exports.
  4. Click Run Export. The Run Export window opens.


Run a One-time Export

The One-time tab opens by default and includes customization options. 

  1. Date range: Select a date range to include patients based on when they were seen by the provider. 
  2. Provider: Run the export for all providers or select specific ones from the drop-down list.
  3. Export Date: Select a time to run the export. 
  4. Click Run Export. The requested export appears under the Patient Summaries list on the Export Data page.




Run a Recurring Export

Click the Recurring tab to schedule a recurring export.

  1. Select the export frequency; Monthly or Weekly.
    • Monthly exports will run on the first day of every month.
    • Weekly exports will run every Monday.
  2. Provider: Run the export for all providers or select specific ones from the drop-down list.
  3. Click Run Export. The requested export appears under the Manage Recurring Exports list on the Export Data page.


Download Export

  1. Once ready, the Pending label will change to Ready. You will be notified with an in-app message once the export is ready for download.
  2. Click the download icon.

Note: Recurring exports can be deleted by clicking the trash icon.




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