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Set Practice Holidays

By default, Kareo includes a pre-set list of commonly observed U.S. holidays on the Calendar. You can modify this list to reflect the holidays observed by your practice.


Navigate to Time Off & Holidays

  1. Hover over the Platform icon in the upper left corner and click Calendar. The Calendar opens.
  2. Click Calendar Settings. The Calendar Settings page opens.
  3. Click Time Off & Holidays on the left menu.



Set Standard Holidays

  1. To remove a pre-set holiday from your Calendar, hover over the holiday in the list and click Remove to delete it. Confirm by clicking Remove this instance in the pop-up window.

    Note: Christmas Eve does not automatically populate in the list but is an option that can be selected and added to the Calendar. 
  2. To view and edit the list of pre-set holidays, click Change what holidays your practice observes. The Edit Holidays window opens. 
  3. Check or uncheck boxes to add or remove holidays from your Calendar. 
  4. Click Save when finished.




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