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Create Patient Recall Message

Updated: 03/15/2022
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Custom automated recall messages support return business for your practice by reminding patients when they are due for continuing care. Once a Patient Recall Message has been created, it can be applied to a patient record.

In order for a patient to receive patient communications:

  • Automated patient communication preferences must be set on the Profile tab of the patient's Demographics page.
  • An email address must be entered on the Profile tab of the patient's Demographics page.

Available for Kareo Engage subscribers.

Access Patient Communications

  1. Hover over the Platform icon and click on Patient Communications. The Patient Communications page opens.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow to select the provider these settings apply to.
    • If applicable, click Turn on patient communications to activate Patient Communications for the provider.

Create Patient Recall Message

  1. Click the Patient Recall Message. The Patient Recall pop-up window opens.
  2. Click Manage Recall Messages. The Patient Recall  page opens.
  1. Click + New Recall Message. The Create a Recall Message pop-up window opens.
  2. Enter a Title for the message. This will appear in the notice sent to the patient.
  3. Enter the Message text for this notice.
  4. Select the number of times and recurrence interval (week(s), month(s), year(s)) for sending the message.
  5. Click Preview to see how this message will look when sent to the patient.
  6. Click Save when finished. The recall message is added to the Patient Recall  list.
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