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Patient Communications Customization Macros

Updated: 12/29/2021
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Kareo's Patient Communications feature saves time and increases the practice's income by sending automated appointment reminders to patients via email, text message, or phone. Practices has the option to customize email reminders using macros to tailor the message for their needs.

Customize the office email template for the following appointment reminders:

A macro is a snippet of code that intelligently inserts information such as the patient’s name, provider’s name, or phone number to populate in the email. Review the table below for available macros and which details they will populate.

Macro Purpose
{{patient_first_name}} Inserts the patient's first name associated to the appointment.
{{location_phone_number}} Inserts the service location phone number associated to the appointment.
{{provider_name}} Inserts the provider's full name associated to the appointment.
{{send_us_a_message}} Inserts a link for the patient to send the provider a message. The provider or office staff can view the message under Patient Replies in the Message Center.
{{telehealth_link}} Inserts the link for patients to join the Kareo Telehealth video visit.

Note: This macro is only applicable for Kareo Telehealth subscribers.
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