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New Invoice Format

Get to know your new invoice from Kareo. We've moved to a more effective invoice design to reduce confusion and help you easily understand your charges. 


Improvements to Summary Page 

  1. New Start and End Date

Added START DATE / END DATE columns to make it clear which charges fall into which month.

  1. Monthly Groupings

Added sub-grouping by time period to make it clear which charges occurred during which month.

  1. Simple Product Description

Now just a single column. Previously there was a second, shorter description which was duplicate information. 

  1. Clear Quantity

Changed the quantity from a decimal number to a whole number to prevent confusion. 


Additionally, line items that contain zero dollar charges will no longer appear on the summary page of your invoice.

Improvements to Details Page 

  1. Better Grouping
  • 1st-level: by time period
  • 2nd-level: by type of billing (Monthly or Transactional Fee)
  • 3rd level: by product

Subtotals are listed for each product and for each time period. 

  1. Renamed Column

The Provider column title has been renamed to Provider Type.


Additionally, the Pro Rate column has been removed. It's no longer necessary now that charges are grouped by month.

Listed quantities have changed from decimal numbers to whole numbers to prevent confusion.



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