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Access Messages

Kareo provides a messaging system that enables users within a practice to easily and securely send messages to one another, and to receive and reply to Patient Portal messages. This includes messaging between Kareo Clinical (EHR), Kareo Desktop Application (PM), and mobile applications.


Access Messages

You can access messages from the top right of every window except when working in a Note.

  1. Red inbox notification: Indicates the number of new messages received. Click to open the Messages box.
  2. See all Messages: Click to go to the Messages window. Messages are organized by Inbox, Flagged, Sent, and Archived.
  3. Mark All as Read: Click to mark all messages as "Read." The background color on read messages changes from blue to white. 
  4. New Message: Click to begin a new message.
  5. Click on a message to open, read, and reply to it.  
  6. Hover over a message and click reply to respond. 






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