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Create Message Template

Updated: 10/21/2021
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Message Templates allow you to save time by creating, storing, and reusing messages that you send on a regular basis. Once created, you can send a template message to a patient group right away or schedule delivery for a future date and time. Set up and store as many email templates as you require -- from a thank you email to targeted marketing communications, every message is addressed from you and delivered to each recipient's individual inbox.

Access Message Center

  1. Click the envelope icon. The messaging summary window opens.
  2. Click See All Messages. The Message Center opens.

Create Message Template

  1. Click Message Templates on the left menu. A list of current Message Templates opens.
  2. Click New Template. The New Template page opens.
  1. Enter the Template Name for reference. This name only displays in the Message Templates list.
  2. Enter the email Subject Line that displays when the message is sent to patients.
  3. Enter the message content in length in the Body field.
  4. Click Save when finished. A green confirmation message displays and the new template displays in the Message Templates list.
    • To see how the message will appear to recipients, click Preview.
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