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Edit or Delete Patient Appointment

Updated: 04/30/2021
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Patient appointments can be easily edited in Kareo to help manage and organize the practice’s daily agenda.

Access Appointment

  1. Click on the appointment to view the Appointment Card.
  2. Click More Options and select Edit Appointment or Delete Appointment. The Edit Appointment page or the Delete Appointment pop-up window opens.

Edit Appointment

  1. Click the drop-down arrow to change the status of the appointment.
  2. Make desired changes to the Details.
    • Click the Patient Intake more options icon to Resend, Start Intake on Kiosk, or Print Forms (Engage subscribers only).
      Note: Patient intake forms are only resent to the patient's current email on file and not via text message.
  3. Make desired changes to the Resources.
    • To remove a resource, click X next to the resource.
    • To add new resources, search for and select the resource.
  4. Make desired changes to the Billing Details.
    • If the patient has multiple insurance cases, click the drop-down arrow to select a different insurance case.
    • Click the Eligibility more options icon to select the option to View Report or Check Eligibility.
  5. Click Save Appointment when finished.

Delete Appointment

  • Click Delete to confirm.
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