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Kareo Help Center

Add, Edit, or Delete Custom Profile Section

Use the Custom Sections to add special content and images to your profile.

Open Provider Profile

  1. Hover over the Kareo icon in the upper left of the window and select Provider Profiles from the drop-down menu. The Provider Profiles window opens.
  2. Click Manage Profile on the right of the provider name. The Provider's Profile opens.

Add Custom Section

  1. Scroll down to the Custom Sections section of the Provider Profile.
  2. Click +Add Custom Section. The Section editor opens.
  3. To add an optional image, drag and drop and image from your desktop into the box or click browse and upload to add an image from your computer. The image displays in the Section Image window.
    Note: An image must meet the following criteria to be uploaded:
    • File type: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .tif, or .gif
    • File size: 250kb-10mb
    • Measurements: minimum 200 pixels in height and width
  1. Enter a name for the Custom Section in the Custom Title box (required).
  2. Enter a description of up to 1,000 characters for the Custom Section in the Section Body box (required).
  3. Click Save Changes when finished. The updated information displays under Custom Sections in the profile.

Edit or Delete a Custom Section

  1. Hover over the Custom Section you want to edit or delete and click Edit on the right when it appears. The Custom Section editor opens.
  2. To remove the section image, click Remove Image. Click browse and upload to add a new image, if desired. Click Save Changes when finished. 
  3. To edit the Custom Section Title or Body, make desired changes to the information and click Save Changes. The editor closes and the updated information displays.
  4. To delete the Custom Section, click Delete in the lower right of the editor window.
  5. To reorder the list of entries, click the bar on the left of the Custom Section image and drag it up or down into the new position in the list.