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Enable and Set Up Online Appointment Booking

If you subscribe to Kareo Engage, your Provider Profile includes the online appointment scheduling feature. Patients can easily schedule an appointment from your Provider Profile page that integrates directly with your calendar. Customization options allow you to set the time interval between appointments, specific times for appointment scheduling, and office locations for each day of the week. 

Open Provider Profile

  1. Hover over the Platform icon in the upper left of the window and select Provider Profiles from the drop-down menu. The Provider Profiles window opens.
  2. Click Manage Profile on the right of the provider name. The Provider's Profile opens.


Enable Online Appointment Booking

  1. Hover over Online Booking Settings and click Edit when it appears. The Online Appointment Booking editor window opens.
  2. Click "Enable Online Booking?" to activate the online scheduling feature on your online Provider Profile.
  3. Click "Allow Same Day Appointment Request" to allow patients to request same day appointments.
  4. Click "Same as Office Hours" to set online scheduling times that match the office hours set in Calendar Settings. Leave the box unchecked to set custom appointment hours.
  5. Click the Appointment Increment drop-down arrow and select a time interval between appointments.
  6. Click Save Changes. The editor closes and the updated information displays. 


Set Custom Online Booking Hours

  1. Click Manage in the Office Hours (Custom) section. The custom office hours settings open.


  1. Click M-F, 9am-5pm to quickly auto-set Monday through Friday hours.
  2. To clear all appointment hours, click Blank Slate.
  3. To set custom online appointment booking hours for a day, click +Time Slot.
  4. Click the drop-down arrows and select a start time, end time, and location.
  5. To set breaks in appointment hours (e.g., when the practice closes for lunch), add morning hours in one time slot and add a second time slot for the day with afternoon hours.
  6. Continue to set online appointment booking hours for each day of the week, as applicable.
  7. To remove a time slot, click the trash icon.
  8. Click Save & Finished when all online appointment booking hours have been added.