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New Patient Appointment

Schedule patient appointments in Kareo to manage and organize the practice’s daily agenda.


Open the Calendar

Open the calendar to schedule an appointment.

  1. Select the desired date on the calendar.
  2. Click New Appointment. The Calendar page opens to the weekly view of the selected date.
  3. Select a Provider, Staff, or Resource from the drop-down.
  4. Double-click the desired time slot. The New Appointment page opens.


Schedule a New Appointment

  1. Details:
    • Search for a patient.
      • Existing Patient: Begin entering the patient's name and click on the patient's name when it appears.
      • New Patient: If the patient record is not found, select Click to create new patient record to add a patient record.
    • Select a Visit Reason from the drop-down menu. 
    • Adjust the appointment Duration if necessary.
    • Select a pre-set or custom recurring appointment option if necessary.
      Note: appointment reminders will not be sent for recurring appointments.
    • If your practice has multiple locations, select a Service Location from the drop-down menu.
    • Add an optional note about the appointment. Appointment notes will carry over to the chief complaint in a patient’s note.
  2. Resources:
    • The selected provider is auto-populated from the time slot selected from the calendar or search for and select a provider.
      • The provider's availability displays under their name: Available, Conflicts with another appointment, or Outside office hours.
    • Search for and select a staff member if necessary. Multiple staff members may be selected.
      • The staff's availability displays under their name: Available, Conflicts with another appointment, or Outside office hours.
    • Search for and select a room/equipment if necessary. Multiple rooms and equipments may be selected.
      • The room and equipment availability displays under their name: Available or Conflicts with another appointment.


  1. Billing Details:
    • Balance: Patient balance or credit displays (Billing subscribers only).
    • Insurance Case: Select a case and review the insurance information with the patient.
    • Policy: Policy information of the selected case.
      • Effective: The policy start and end dates.
      • Copay: The copay amount.
      • Authorizations: If available, the number of visits remaining for the authorization.
      • Eligibility: Eligibility status shows, if available. (Billing subscribers only).
        • Click the vertical ellipsis menu to select the option to View Report or Check Eligibility.
  2. Click to email the "Patient Intake" form to the patient (Engage subscribers only).
    • Click the Select additional forms drop-down to select forms to send with the patient intake.
  3. Click Save Appointment when finished.



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