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Kareo Help Center

Edit Group Appointment

Once you've created a group appointment, you can edit the details or add attendees through the Calendar.


Navigate to Group Appointment

  1. Hover over the Platform icon and click Calendar. The Calendar opens.
  2. Locate the appointment and click on it to open. The Add Attendees window opens.

Add or Remove Attendees

  1. To add patients to the group appointment, enter 2–3 letters of a patient's first or last name and click on it when it appears in the list. Repeat for each patient you want to add to the appointment.
  2. To remove a patient from the group appointment, click the trash icon. The Remove Attendee window opens. Click Yes to confirm.
  3. Click Save & Close when finished.


Edit Group Appointment Details 

  1. Click Edit next to the Group Name to modify appointment details. The Edit Group Appointment window opens.
  2. Appointment Details: Make necessary edits to the appointment information.
  3. Click Save Appointment to update the appointment.