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Edit Patient Record from Appointment

From the Edit Appointment  window, you can edit basic patient information such as address and contact information, or make changes to the patient's insurance information.   

Open Patient Appointment

From the Dashboard

  1. Hover over the Platform icon in the upper left of the window and click Agenda. The Agenda opens.
  2. Click on the patient's name to open the appointment card.
  3. Click More Options and select Edit Appointment from the drop-down menu. The Edit Appointment window opens.


From the Calendar

  1. Hover over the Platform icon in the top left and click Calendar. The Calendar opens.
  2. Click on the appointment that you wish to edit. The Edit Appointment window opens.

Edit Patient Basic Information and Contact Information

  1. From the Edit Appointment window, click Edit on the right of the patient's name. The Edit Patient window opens.
  2. Make necessary changes to the patient information.
  3. Click Save Patient.


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