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Kareo Help Center

Using Templates Within a Note

Kareo templates provide an efficient and thorough way to document encounter notes. You'll find templates available in various sections throughout the encounter note. The easy-to-use checklist format generates text for the items you select and automatically adds them to the note.

Navigate to a Note

  1. Enter the first 2-3 letters of the patient's name in the top navigation bar search box.
  2. Click to select the patient from the auto-populated results. The patient's chart opens to the Face Sheet.
  3. Click Notes on the left menu. The Notes page opens.
  4. Open an existing note or create a new one.

EHR navigate to a patient note.png

Use Note Templates

  1. In the note, click on a section name to open the text box. (See available template sections.)
  2. Click Template. The template Default list opens.

EHR use note templates 1.png

  1. Click Default at the top of the list to view and select a specific template (optional). Checklist options will change based on the template selected.
  2. Click on an item with an arrow to view more options.
  3. Click on the appropriate checklist items to add them to the note.
  4. Use the number pad to add the appropriate value for numeric-based items and click Save when finished.
  5. Click the gray plus and minus buttons to indicate the presence or absence of a condition. When selected, the plus button changes to green and the minus button changes to red.
  6. For items that provide a blank field, type information and click Save to finish.
  7. Click Close in the bottom right of the template window when finished making your selections. Your selected template options now appear in the section of the note.
  8. Click in the section text box to edit any of the information, if necessary.
EHR use note templates 2.png

Exam Templates

  1. Click Default at the top of the list to view and select a specific template from the drop-down menu (optional).
  2. The Exam type changes based on the template selected.
  3. Use the 1-Click normal exams option to quickly indicate normal findings.
  4. Click the "Check All" box to select all items, if desired. Then click individual boxes in the list to deselect them, as necessary.

EHR use note templates 3.png

Plan Templates

  1. Any Medications, Labs, or Imaging selected in the Template indicate a treatment plan only and do not generate a prescription or lab order.
  2. Click Medications to prescribe a medication or click Labs/Studies to create a lab order for the patient.

EHR use note templates 4a.png