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Activating the Prescribing Provider User in the Kareo Platform for EPCS

Congrats on completing the EPCS Identity‐Vetting Enrollment Process! The next step to finalizing the ability to start prescribing is to authenticate the provider user in the Kareo Platform.

What you’ll need:

  • Kareo User with Admin Access
  • Prescribing Provider ready with their EPCS token and passphrase
  1. Log into the Kareo Platform with an administrative user. Verify that you are logged into the right practice and that you see a red band‐aid icon that signifies you have the Clinical module. (If it is grayed out or missing, please reach out to Kareo Support.)
  1. Click on the user icon in the top-right corner, and select Practice Settings from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click on Clinical, and select Electronic Prescribing. (If you do not see this option, please reach out to Kareo Enrollments at 888.775.2736 option 4 or reply to the enrollments email confirming you have been setup on the Kareo backend for EPCS.)
  3. Click on Manage Controlled Prescribing to access the EPCSGold Logical Access Control (LAC) Panel.
  1. A list of providers linked to your organization should display here. (If you do not see the prescriber that you are trying to activate, please reach out to Kareo Enrollments at 888.775.2736 option 2 or reply to the enrollments email confirmation.)
  2. The administrative user would click the radio button under the Grant column to give permission for that provider to eprescribe controlled substances.
  3. Each Prescribing Provider that you are activating will then need to complete the following items under the Authorizing Prescriber section.
    1. Enter the Individual NPI, and click Validate.
    2. After Validating the NPI, choose the token device that you are using.
    3. Enter your registered passphrase.
    4. Enter the PIN number from the appropriate token.
    5. Click Authorize.
  4. It will take you back to the Kareo Clinical EHR once it is successful. The provider is now ready to start ePrescribing controlled substances!


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