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Upload Document Through Patient Record

Documents such as an image, PDF, or Word file can be added to a patient's record or uploaded to the Documents page. You can also import Summary of Care information received from other providers and view it in both the patient's record and on the practice's main Documents page.

  • If you are integrated with Kareo Billing, documents you upload through Kareo Clinical, Kareo Billing, or the mobile application are viewable in both systems. Uploaded documents are stored on the Documents page and in the patient's record in Kareo Clinical and under Documents in Kareo Billing.
  • Once a document is assigned to a patient, it cannot be changed to a different patient. If a document is assigned to a patient in error, delete the document and start again.
  • The size of a file cannot exceed 10MB.

Access the Patient's Documents Page

  1. Enter the first 2–3 letters of the patient's name or date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy) in the top navigation bar search box.
  2. Click to select the patient from the auto-populated results. The patient's record opens to the Face Sheet.
  3. Click Documents on the left menu. The patients Documents page opens.


Upload a Document

  1. Click +Upload in the upper-right corner of the Documents page. Your computer's document library opens. Find and double click on the document file to attach it. The Upload Documents window opens.


  1. Enter the document information:
    • Name: The uploaded file name auto-populates as the document name. Enter a different name for the document, if desired.
    • Label: Select a document type from the drop-down.
    • Status: The status automatically defaults to New. Click the drop-down and select a different status, if desired. (In-ProcessProcessed, or Error)
    • Date: The current date auto-populates by default. Click the calendar icon and select the original date of the document, if different.
    • Patient (optional): The patient's name auto-populates.
    • Notes (optional): Enter any additional information related to the document.
  2. Click Upload when finished. The Upload Results pop-up window opens.


  1. Review the results of your document upload in the middle of the window.
  2. Click Upload More to upload another document, if necessary.
  3. Click X in the upper-right corner when all documents have been uploaded. The uploaded documents display in the patient's chart and on the practice's main Documents page. 


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