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Authorize Payment Cards

Updated: 07/02/2021
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An authorized payment card indicates the patient has signed an authorization form for the practice to save payment cards and process charges (e.g., copay, outstanding balance). To allow the patient to electronically sign the authorization form, practices with Kareo Engage and Patient Collect activated can send the Credit Card Authorization form via Patient Intake. After the form is signed by the patient, the payment card(s) display as Authorized when collecting a payment or viewing Payment Cards.

Practices can download the Card on File: Authorization Form template to capture the patient's signature on paper. Once the patient signs the form, scan and upload the form to the patient's documents. Then, manually mark the payment card as authorized to indicate the patient agreement is on file.

Access Payment Cards

  1. Enter the first 2–3 letters of the patient's name or date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy) in the top navigation bar search box.
  2. Click to select the patient from the auto-populated results. The patient's record opens to the Face Sheet.
  3. Click Account. The Account page opens.
  4. Click the Payment Cards tab. The Payment Cards page opens.
  1. Click Authorize Card. The Authorize Unauthorized Cards pop-up window opens.
  2. Select how to authorize the card:

Patient Intake Authorization

  1. Click to select "Kareo's credit card authorization patient intake forms".
  2. Click Next. The Credit Card Authorization Intake pop-up window opens.
  3. Select the patient intake form method(s) of delivery:
    • To send the patient intake form via text message, click to select "Send SMS". If necessary, enter the patient's mobile phone number.
    • To send the patient intake form via email, click to select "Email to (email address)". If necessary, enter the patient's email address.
  4. Click Send Intake Form when finished. After the form is signed by the patient, the payment card(s) displays as Authorized.

Manual Authorization

Complete the following steps after the patient agreement is signed and uploaded to the patient's documents.

  1. Click to select "Manually change authorization status".
  2. Click Next. The Manually Authorize Credit Cards pop-up window opens.
  3. Click the Authorization Status drop-down and select Authorized.
  4. Click Save Changes. The payment card(s) now displays as Authorized.
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