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Navigate Dashboard

Updated: 11/17/2022
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When you log into Kareo, the Dashboard provides an efficient interface to manage daily patient appointments, access high-priority tasks, and navigate to other sections in the system.

The Dashboard displays patient appointments for the day and allows you to manage the entire appointment workflow — from check-in to checkout — including running insurance eligibility checks and collecting patient payments.

Navigate Toolbar

  1. Kareo's Platform, Clinical, Billing, and Engage module icons display on the left of the top navigation bar.
    • An icon displays in color when a module is active on the practice account, or shows grayed out if inactive.
      Note: Modules subscriptions are provider based. If your practice has multiple providers, an icon may display in color for all users once a module is activated for a single provider. However, the module features will only be available to the subscribing provider.
    • Hover over an icon to view module functions and navigate to other sections in the system.
  2. Displays the name of the practice.
  3. Use the top search box to quickly find a patient record.
  4. Hover over the clock icon to view the last six patients accessed.
  5. Click the envelope icon to access the Message Center.
  6. Click the help icon to access the Help Center in-app to search and view help articles.
  7. Hover over the User icon to view user name and Kareo IDaccess settings, connect to the Solution Center, or sign out of the system.
    Note: Users are logged out of Kareo after 15 minutes of inactivity. 

Navigate Dashboard

  1. Calendar: Click to navigate to a specific date.
  2. New Appointment: Click to open the Calendar and schedule an appointment. The Calendar will open to the date selected from the calendar above.
  3. Check Eligibility for All: Click to check primary insurance eligibility for all patients scheduled that day (Billing subscribers only).
  4. Print: Click the drop-down to print the following options:
    • Daily Schedule: print patient appointments for the day.
    • Encounter Forms by Last Name: Print paper encounter forms sorted by the patient's last name.
      Note: A provider-specific encounter form must be added to the desktop application (Billing subscribers only).
    • Encounter Forms by Time: Print paper encounter forms sorted by the appointment time (Billing subscribers only).
      Note: A provider-specific encounter form must be added to the desktop application.
    • Patient Balances: Print statements for patients with a balance who are scheduled that day (Billing subscribers only).
  5. Set filters to view appointments.
    • Click to select all or specific Providers, Staff, Rooms, Equipment, or Service Locations to view their appointments. The service location filter will not be shown if the practice only has one location.
      Note: If a service location is not selected, appointments at that location will not show regardless of the other filters. 
  6. Click on a tab to view patients as they move through the appointment flow.
    • Scheduled: Shows patients scheduled for the day who have not yet arrived. Late Scheduled or Confirmed appointment times displays in yellow.
    • In Office: Shows patients for the day with an appointment status of Arrived, Checked In, or Roomed.
      • The status of the note shows as Note not started, Note in progress, or Note signed (Clinical subscribers only).
      • Roomed appointments status displays in blue.
    • Finished: Shows patients for the day with an appointment status of Checked Out, No Show, Rescheduled, or Cancelled.
      • No Show, Rescheduled, and Cancelled appointments status displays in red.
  7. View real-time appointment details:
    • Patient Name: Click to view the patient chart. Or hover over the patient name to view the patient's date of birth, alert, primary phone number, email, and address.
    • Details: Appointment time, appointment reason, and scheduled provider, staff member, room, equipment shows. Eligibility status shows, when available. 
    • Video Icon: Displays when an in-office appointment has a service location associated with the place of service Telehealth. For Kareo Telehealth subscribers, the telehealth video icon displays when the appointment mode is set to "Telehealth"
  8. Appointment Status: Click to change the status of the appointment.
  9. Outstanding Items: Click to access high priority tasks that requires your attention.

Navigate Appointment Card

Click on the appointment to view the appointment card.

  1. Click the patient name to view the patient chart.
  2. Click the status to change the status of the appointment.
  3. View alerts added to the patient record.
  4. View the appointment details.
    • Resources: Scheduled provider, staff member, room, and/or equipment.
    • Appointment Mode: Indicates if the appointment is in-office or telehealth.
      • For telehealth appointments, click Join to start a video visit. It displays 30 minutes before the appointment start time and remains available until 2 hours after the appointment end time.  Click the more options icon to select Copy Patient Link or Resend Link to Patient.
    • Location: The service location of the visit.
    • Visit Reason: The reason for the visit.
    • Appt Note: Displays notes added to the appointment.
    • Patient Intake: Displays patient intake status Not sent to patient, Not submitted by patient, Pending Review, Merged, or Rejected.
      • When available, click the more options icon to select the option to Send, Start Intake on Kiosk, Print Forms, or Review.
        Note: The Patient Intake form sent from the appointment card only includes demographics. To include consent forms or medical history, edit the appointment to send all forms.
      • If the provider is not an Engage subscriber, click Upgrade your account.
    • Balance: The patient's account balance and any payment made today.
  5. View the associated insurance policy, if available.
    • Effective: The policy start and end dates.
    • Copay: The copay amount.
    • Authorizations: If available, the number of visits remaining for the authorization.
    • Eligibility: View eligibility status (Billing subscribers only).
      • Click the more options icon to select the option to View Report or Check Eligibility.
  6. Create Clinical Note: Click to begin a note (Clinical subscribers only).
  7. More Options: Click to select the following options.
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