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Collect Copay or Payment (Mobile App)

Updated: 12/11/2019
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The Collect Payment feature provides an easy way to record or swipe a card to post patient payments for copays and outstanding account balances.

Important Notes:

  • The Collect Payment feature is only available to Kareo customers who subscribe to the Billing module.
  • Credit/debit card payments can only be processed if Kareo Patient Payments has been activated on your account.
  • A payment processed through Kareo's Mobile app shows as an Unapplied Payment until it's applied to the patient's account in the Kareo Desktop Application.

Initiate the Collect Payment Workflow

  1. Log into Kareo's mobile application.
  2. Access a Patient Chart.
  3. Tap on the patient information.
  1. Tap on Collect Payment.
  1. Review patient information, view outstanding charges and unapplied payments, and enter a new payment.
    1. View Account: Tap on View Account to see an overview of charges and unapplied payments. 
    2. Payment Method: Tap to select how the payment will be made or recorded.
      1. Credit Card (Electronic): Swipe the card or enter the Name on Card, Card Number, Expiration Date, and three-digit CVV code.
      2. Credit Card (Manual): Tap this option to record a credit card payment that has already processed.
        • Note: A payment will not be processed through Stripe if this option is selected.
      3. Cash: Tap this option to record a cash payment.
      4. Check: Tap this option to record a check payment.

Charge a Saved Card

  1. Tap on Saved Cards on File and tap on a saved card.
  2. Tap on Charge $0.00. The Receipt screen will open when successfully charged.


Charge a New Card with Swiper

  1. Tap on Prepare Swiper to charge $0.00 to charge a new card.
  2. Swipe the card. The Receipt screen will open when successfully charged.


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