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View and Manage Billing Tasks

Kareo sends a Billing Task to a practice when additional information is needed to process a claim. The Billing Tasks page allows you to view, manage, and track pending items and quickly resolve potential billing issues.

Access Billing Tasks

  1. Click Tasks & Messages on the top menu.
  2. Click Medical Billing Tasks. The Billing Tasks window opens.
PMKMB access billing tasks1.png

Assign a Task

  1. Click on an unassigned Task in the list. (Unassigned Tasks do not show a user name on the far right.) The Task Details panel opens.
  2. Click the arrow next to Start Task and select a user from the list. The Assigning Task to (user) confirmation displays above the comment field.

Note: A Task is automatically assigned to a user who clicks Start Task or submits a question to Kareo on the Task Details panel. 


PMKMB assign a billing task 12-16.png

  1. Click Finish Assigning.
  2. The Assigned to (user name) confirmation displays below Questions & Comments.
  3. Click x in the upper-right corner of the panel.

KMB assign billing task 2 convergence.png

Work on a Task

  1. Click on the desired task in the list. The Task Details panel opens.
  2. Read the Task Instructions.
  3. Click Start Task. The Edit Charge window opens for all task types except Documents.

PMKMB start billing task.png

  1. Make necessary edits to the charge information, as requested in the Task Details.
  2. Click Task Details in the upper right of the window to review the task instructions, if necessary.
  3. Enter comments or additional requested information in the Notes to Biller section, if necessary.
  4. Review any Notes from Biller for additional details about the charge.
  5. Click Save and Complete. The task displays as Completed.

KMB work on a task convergence 2.png


Work on a Document-Related Task 

  1. Click Documents on the left menu. Document-related tasks open.
  2. Click on the desired Task. The Task Details panel opens.
  3. Review the Task Instructions and click Start Task. The Find Document window opens.

PMKMB work on document related task.png

Attach a Document Saved in Kareo 

  1. Enter a file name, ID number, or label to search for a document saved in your Kareo account.
  2. Click Attach and Complete Task to select the document and finish the task. The task displays as Completed.

KMB work on document related task 2.png

Attach a Document Saved to Your Computer

  1. Drag and drop a file from your desktop or click browse for files to add a document saved to your computer. The Reference Document window opens.
  2. Complete details for the document:
  • File: Click Browse to upload a different document.
  • Name: Enter a title for the document using Kareo's recommended format.
  • Label: Select the appropriate document label from the drop-down menu. It's important to use the proper label to avoid delays in claim processing.
  • Status: Select New from the drop-down menu.
  • Date: Today's date auto-populates by default and can be changed, if desired.
  • Notes: Enter additional information about the file.
  1. Click Upload and Complete. The task displays as Completed.

KMB work on document related task 3.png

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