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Navigate the Billing Tasks Page

The Billing Tasks page allows you to manage and track pending items sent from Kareo and quickly resolve potential billing issues. 

Billing Tasks you see are assigned to you. You may also see additional Tasks for the practice, depending on the role assigned to you by your System Administrator.

  • System Administrator: Sees all tasks within the practice.
  • Biller: Sees all tasks within the practice.
  • Provider: Sees tasks where they are the rendering provider or scheduling provider on the associated encounter/claim.

Access Billing Tasks

  1. Click Tasks & Messages on the top menu.
  2. Click Medical Billing Tasks. The Billing Tasks window opens.
PMKMB access billing tasks1.png

Navigate the Billing Tasks Page

  1. The top summary card displays values for Billing Tasks viewable to you based on your Kareo account permissions.
  • Assigned to you: Shows the number of outstanding tasks that are holding up claims from being processed.
  • Amount Past Due: This number reflects the total charge value for encounters associated with open Billing Tasks that are past the assigned due date.
  • Total On-Hold: Displays the total charge value for any encounter associated with an open Billing Task.
  • Oldest Task: Shows the number of days the oldest Billing Task has been open.
  1. Task categories (including the number of open tasks and dollar amount for claims in the category) display on the left menu. Click a category to view associated tasks.
  2. Click the drop-down menu options to filter claims within a category:
  • Sort: Choose to order tasks by Priority (default) or by the number of Days on Hold.
  • Assigned to: Choose to view All Billing Tasks (default) or those assigned to a specific user.
  • Provider: Select Billing Tasks for a specific provider or All Providers (default).
  • Status: Select to show All Billing Tasks (default), tasks that are In Progress, or tasks where work has Not Started.
  1. Enter a patient name or Task ID number to narrow search results.
  2. Billing Tasks display in the middle of the window. Each task lists an optional priority level (high, normal, or low), the number of days on hold (days since the task was assigned), the Task ID number, the task subject, the patient and provider names (if applicable), and the charge value of the claim (if any).
  3. Shaded Tasks are awaiting response from the Kareo Billing Team.
  4. Click Show Completed to include completed Tasks in category lists.

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