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Set Up Patient Payments

Kareo Patient Payments gives practices the ability to click and swipe to post a payment and make a transaction immediately. Have the Desktop Application system administrator complete the brief setup with our partner, Stripe, to begin taking payments in the Desktop Application.

Stripe is a third-party vendor for secure business commerce that allows you to accept and process credit card payments over the Internet. In order for you to collect electronic payments using our Patient Payments feature, you must have a Stripe account.

Important Notes

  • Stripe cannot accept payments for prescription drugs. Pharmacies are on Stripe's list of prohibited businesses.
  • When you save a credit card on file in Kareo, if it expires, the card will continue to work even if the physical card gets replaced by the customer's bank. Stripe works directly with card networks so that your customers can continue using your service without interruption.
  • If you have multiple practices, log out of other practice's Stripe's dashboard completely before setting up a Patient Payments Stripe account.

Activate Patient Portal

If the practice has not already done so, activate the Patient Portal first to allow patients to access their statements online and securely make a payment online.

Note: If the Patient Portal is not set up first, the practice will not have the ability to send patient statements via email.


Set Up Patient Payments

  1. Click Settings > Patient Payments. The Patient Payments screen opens.



Patient _Payments_Settings.png

  1. Click set up Patient Payments on your own. The Terms and Condition screen opens.


Patient _Payments_SetUp.png

  1. Read the terms and click Accept and Set Up Payments to agree to the terms of use.


Patient _Payments_Terms.png

  1. Click Connect to Stripe Now. The Stripe window will open in a browser.


Patient _Payments_Connect.png

  1. Complete the Stripe enrollment form. You will be asked to enter:
    • Country
    • Business details (website, type, EIN, address)
    • Personal details (name, DOB, social security number, address)
    • Credit card statement details (information that will appear on the patient's credit card statement)
    • Bank details for receiving payments (routing and account numbers)
    • Enter your email address and create a password to log into your Stripe account
  2. For questions or assistance, click Contact at the bottom of the window to reach Stripe support.
  3. When finished, click Authorize Access to this account to complete the enrollment process.

Once enrolled, you can purchase a card reader and begin collecting patient payments.


Patient _Payments_Stripe.png

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