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Security Policy Options

The Security Policy applies to your company and all practices associated with it. This is important for proper compliance with the patient privacy regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). The Security Policy allows you to:

  • Define password requirements  
  • Set account lockout policies after failed login attempts
  • Configure application lockout after inactivity
  • Set contact information for lockout or password problems

Note: Kareo has set up a basic set of defaults that meet the needs of most companies; however, application administrators have the option of changing any of these default settings.

To configure security policy options

1. Click Settings > Options > Security Policy Options.

2. Select settings:

  • Password Policy: Select password requirements.
  • Account Lockout: Select the amount of simultaneous failed log in attempts a user can have before the user is locked out of his or her account.
  • Application Locking: Select the length of inactivity after which the application is locked.
  • Support Contact: Enter the contact phone and email address for lockout or password problems.

3. Click Save.

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