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Print Patient Reports

The patient record offers quick links to several patient-specific reports:

  • Patient Transactions Detail - Displays detailed transaction information for a specified date range.
  • Patient Balance Detail - Displays specific charges that make up a patient's open balance.
  • Patient Statement - Displays the current patient statement.
  • Patient Financial History - Displays patient's financial history.
  • Patient Detail - Displays patient’s details such as demographics, notes, physician and insurance information.
  • Itemization of Charges - Displays a summary of charges for a specific date range.

arrow_orange.jpgTo generate a report from the patient record

  1. On the patient record, click Reports at the bottom and select the report you want to generate.
  2. Once the report loads you can customize it by selecting a date range or by clicking Customize and making further specifications.
  3. Other options on the bottom menu:
  • Click Print to print the report.
  • Click Excel or PDF to save it as a file.
  • Click Find to search for a keyword within the report.
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