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Find Patient Record

When searching for a patient record within Kareo, you can search by entering all or part of a keyword as well as selecting a specific search criteria.

arrow_orange.jpgTo find a patient record

  1. Click Patients > Find Patients.
  2. In the Look For search bar, enter all or part of a keyword for the patient.
  3. Select a specific search criteria from the Search In field drop-down menu.
    • All Fields
    • ID
    • Name
    • Address
    • DOB
    • SSN
    • Phone
    • Notes
    • Medical Record #
    • Guarantor
    • Active
  4. Click Find Now.
  5. Once you find the patient, double-click to open it.


arrow_orange.jpgNavigate the Find Patient Window

Record Search.jpg

  1. Look For: field used for entering all or part of a word or number sequence to be searched.
  2. Search In: drop-down menu displaying specific search criteria.
  3. Column headers: click any column header to sort the list.
  4. Click Clear to remove information and start another search.
  5. A maximum of 20 results per page is listed. Click the arrows to navigate between pages, or click in the page number field, type a page number, and press Enter on your keyboard.


  • Search In shortcut: In the Search In field, type the first letter of any available search criteria word, then press Enter on your keyboard. Your search criteria will automatically be selected.

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