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Enter Payments from Patient or EOB

Payments received in person or by mail from insurance companies (EOB's), patients and other payers are applied manually. There are essentially two steps to the process: 1) Enter information about the payment and 2) Apply the appropriate amounts of the payment to the lines of service within the Kareo system.

To enter payment information

  1. Click Encounters >Receive Payment. The New Payment window opens.
  2. Enter payment details. (See details below.)

New Payment.jpg

  1. General: Click to enter information about the payment.
  2. Batch #: Optional. Entering a batch number is helpful for running reports. For example, if you consistently use a naming convention such as date posted + initials of person posting (021411CB), you can easily run reports for specific users who manage payment posting in your office.
  3. Post Date: Defaults to current date. You can override with the date of your choice, for example, the date the money was deposited in the bank.
  4. Type: Select Patient from the drop-down menu.
  5. Patient: Click the Patient button to open the Find Patient window and select the patient associated with the payment. 
  6. Appointment: Click the Appointment button to open the Select Appointment window and choose the patient appointment associated with the payment.
  7. Reference #: If applicable, enter the reference number of the check.
  8. Method: Select the method of payment.
  9. Category: Optional. These categories are specific to your practice and must be set up in the Kareo system by your administrator. See section New Category.
  10. Amount: Enter the payment amount.
  11. Once payment details have been entered, do one of the following:
  • Click Apply Now to apply payment to the lines of service. See Apply Payments from Patient.
  • Click Save to save the payment record and apply payments at a later time.
  • Click Save & New to save the payment record and enter a new payment.


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