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The Authorizations tab on a patient case is used to add one or more authorization numbers that document the approval by an insurance company for medical services rendered to the patient.

To enter authorization information

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  1. On the New Case or Edit Case window, click the Authorizations tab.
  2. Click Add on the right of the window.
  3. On the New Authorization window, enter the information. See below.
  4. When finished, do one of the following:
  • Click Save to save the information and return to the main Cases window.
  • If applicable, click the Attorneys tab to enter attorney information.
  1. When finished entering all information for the case, always click Save on each window until you are back at the Find Patient window.

Authorizations Tab

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New Authorization - Patient.jpg


  1. Policy: Select the insurance policy from the drop-down menu for which the authorization was given.
  2. Auth #: Enter the authorization number provided by the insurance company.
  3. # of Visits: If the insurance company authorized a specific number of visits, enter the total number of visits authorized. If unlimited, enter any large number.
  4. Effective Start and End Dates: If the insurance company authorized medical services for a specific period of time, enter the Effective Start and Effective End dates for the authorization period.
  5. Authorization Contact: Enter the name and phone number of the authorization contact.
  6. Notes: Optional. Enter any notes.
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