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Add Self-Pay Case

You can add a self-pay case when the patient is paying out of pocket instead of billing the insurance company. 

Add a Self-Pay Case to a patient record

  1. Click Patients on the top menu and select Find Patients.
  2. Locate and double click on the patient name. The Edit Patient window opens.
  3. Click the Cases tab. The patient's case list opens.
  4. Click Add on the right of the window to open a new case.  The New Case window opens.

PM add workers comp find patient.png

  1. Enter "Self-Pay" in the Name field.
  2. Choose Self Pay from the Payer Scenario drop-down menu. 
  3. Delete any existing insurance policies by clicking on the policy to select it, then clicking Remove
  4. Click Save. The Edit Patient window opens.
  5. Click Save.

PM add self pay case.png

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