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About Patient Cases

Patient cases are created to manage insurance policy selection as well as the order in which two or more insurance plans are billed. For example, you may have a patient that is being treated for injuries sustained from an auto accident that is covered under one insurance policy; yet that patient may receive treatment during the same visit for a condition unrelated to the auto accident and for which a different policy is billed. Separate cases should be created for each policy type.

Patient cases also simplify how claims are processed when a case involves an attorney lien or workers' compensation claim. For example, you could have an existing patient that has been previously seen for an illness, and who later sustains an injury at his place of employment that may involve a worker's compensation claim. How claims are handled for each of these two cases is quite different.

When you create a new patient, a "default case" is automatically created; you can add insurance policy information to this default case or create a specific type of case that includes insurance policy information, details about the patient's condition, authorization information, and if applicable, attorney and workers' compensation information.

For more information on creating cases, read the following help topics:

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