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A batch is group of documents divided by file type. Document batches should be uploaded into Kareo at the end of each day. 

Billing Rules Call

  • The customer receives a Billing Rules Form, which is a questionnaire from the Customer Success Coach (CSC) prior to the billing rules call. On this call the customer provides Kareo with billing specifications during the billing rules call, including but not limited to the following:

a. Patient Data Entry
b. Superbill/Encounter Form Creation
c. Method of Charge Submission
d. Frequency of Charges by Provider and Location
e. Medical Record Charting – EHR Notes Completion
f.  Patient Relations and Collections
g. Non-physician Provider Billing Scenarios
h. Worker’s Compensation
i.  Out of Network Billing Policies
j.  ICD-10
k. Advanced Beneficiary Notice

  • The call is led by the member of the Success Team who will complete the Billing Rules Template in order to train the billing team on the customer’s specific billing rules.
  • The customer will then sign either the CMRE agency agreement or the CCCS agency agreement. This will be coordinated through the CSC.


  • The Kareo Medical Billing (KMB) electronic contract is sent to Kareo customers via a link to EchoSign, where they can review and electronically sign.
  • The contract includes:
  1. Terms and Conditions
  2. Roles & Responsibilities
  3. Terms and Termination
  4. Order Form
  5. Addendums


  • The process of becoming affiliated with insurance companies so that you (the provider) can accept third party reimbursement.
  • The CSC coordinates credentialing needs for the customer and connects them with a credentialing specialist.
  • The customer will complete a  Credentialing Intake Form and  Authorization Signature Form, and provide all supporting documentation required by Kareo.


  • DoctorBase is a practice marketing SaaS product. It helps the practice with marketing and patient engagement tools.

Document Upload Process

  • If submitting charges electronically:
    • Practice will create a daily scan batch of all patient intake forms and patient insurance cards (including front and back side of cards) collected for the day.
    • This batch includes the Charge cover sheet indicating page count.
    • The document is scanned and uploaded to Documents with the label “Superbill Batch.”
    • The file is named [First three letters of practice name + Kareo ID + Hyphen + DOS, and extension “CHG].
    • Example: AME12345-06012015CHG
  • If submitting paper charges:
    • Practice sends copy of new or updated demographic and insurance card copy including front and back side of card behind the corresponding superbill.


  • The customer completes the Practice Setup Form and submits required documentation and practice & provider details including:

Insurance Setup Form

Kareo Application Call

  • The purpose of the Kareo Application Call is to introduce the customer to the Kareo web application and discuss the customer responsibilities from front office tasks all the way throughout the charge entry and billing process.
  • This call will typically be with the Office Administrator or primary point of contact and should last anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

Kareo Virtual Office

  • An affordable “virtual office services” solution to help meet the front office needs of customers who do not have front office staff sources.

Non-Physician Provider Form


  • The process by which a Kareo customer is signed up for KMB and goes through the steps and documentation to become a “Live” customer submitting claims.

Patient Intake Packet & Checklist

  • Packet includes templates for:
    • Demographic Form
  • Attached copy of front and back of insurance card and photo ID
    • Privacy Policy
    • Copy of referral/ authorization (if necessary)
    • Billing Authorization/Acknowledgement and Assignment of Benefits
    • Advanced Beneficiary Notice (if applicable)
  • The checklist includes instructions for:
    • Scheduling appointments
    • Creating and updating a patient record
    • Referrals
    • Prior authorizations
    • Eligibility and benefits verification (Kareo provides an integrated eligibility verification system)
    • Capturing insurance cards
    • Ensuring payer information is correct
    • Best practices for updating information
    • Determining, collecting, and posting copays, deductibles, and coinsurances
    • Transmitting the packet and associated documents to Kareo.

Payments Batch

  • Practice will open and sort all practice mail.
  • Practice will compile, scan and upload a daily payment batch for each date of deposit (DOD) to Documents.
  • The payment batch PDF file must include the following contents:
    • Batch cover/tally sheet
    • EOB coversheet with date of deposit, payment tally, and page count
    • Copies of all checks
    • Front and back copies of all EOBs
    • Any correspondence provided with payments.
  • Batch and scan all pages in a single PDF file with the EOB cover sheet and upload to Kareo Documents using the “Explanation of Benefits” document label.
    • Name the file: First 3 letters of practice name + Kareo ID + Hyphen + DOD + EOB
      • Example: KAR12345-06012015EOB

Practice Setup Checklist

Practice Setup Form

  • The  Practice Setup Form is the first in a series of forms that contain the data and documents we need to get the practice set up for medical billing.

Superbill Batches

  • Office superbills should be clearly printed in ink or typed including the following:
    • Patient name
    • DOB
    • Service Location and/or place of service code
    • DOS
    • CPT and modifiers
    • DX (ordered and linked)
    • DOI (Workers Compensation/Auto); specify if charge is injury-related
    • Note: there may be other information required based on specialty.  For example: Last seen date or admission date.
    • Note:  Demographics should be attached for all new patients or patients with updated insurance information.

Welcome Call

  • A CSC briefly talks the customer through the steps necessary to successful onboarding. These are referenced in the Practice Setup Form and Practice Setup Checklist.

Welcome Email

  • The Welcome Email introduces the assigned CSC and provides a link to the online Practice Setup Form.
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