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End of Day Duties

1. Verify All Patients are in Correct Status

  • Mark status of patients as follows:
    • Completed appointment, mark as "Check-out"
    • Did not call or show up for appointment, mark as "No-show"
    • Called and canceled appointment, mark as "Cancelled"
    • Called and rescheduled appointment, mark as "Rescheduled"

2. Confirm All Appointments have an Encounter

  • Run Missed Encounters Report to make sure every patient with an appointment has an encounter (either paper or electronic).
  • Locating encounters:
    • Kareo EHR, view Encounter Status from the Superbill tab.
    • Another EHR, refer to product specific instructions to locate encounters.

3. Scan Paperwork and Upload to Kareo

  • Scan and upload daily batch documents to send to Success Team for processing
    • Daily CHG/Superbill batch including:
      • All new patient paperwork
      • Copay log – if applicable
      • Appointment log – if applicable
      • All paper superbills/charge sheets – if sending over electronic superbills this is not necessary
      • Use Charges cover sheet to send batch to Success Team
    • EOB Batch including:
      • Front and back of all EOB’s received in the daily mail
      • Copies of front and back of checks received in the mail
      • EOB cover sheet should be completely filled out with each individual check amount and column totals
      • Use EOB cover sheet to send batch to Success Team
    • CLAR batch including: (send once a week by Friday)
      • All rework requested by KMB through reports
      • Use Charges cover sheet to send batch to Success Team
    • Misc batch including: (as necessary)
      • Miscellaneous items that need KMB attention
      • Use MISC cover sheet to send batch to Success Team
    • Ensure all scanned items are legible. If not:
      • Rescan specific items
      • Upload with the same file name, but add a 2 after the file type
      • Example: PRA43434-10252015CHG2
    • Once you receive confirmation the files were uploaded successfully you can delete them from your computer.
    • Verify that all patient appointments for the following day have been confirmed.
    • Ensure authorizations, referrals, etc. are prepared and ready for the following day's appointments.
    • Reschedule today’s No-show’s, if applicable.
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