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Getting Started

Getting Started

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    Welcome to Your Onboarding Experience

    1. Service Agreement

    What to expect: Your Sales Representative will send you a Service Agreement, which outlines the terms of the agreement between you and Kareo.

    How we're helping: Once your Service Agreement is complete, a Success Coach will be assigned to you and you will receive a Welcome Email and invitation for a Welcome Call.

    2. Welcome Call

    What to expect: Your assigned Success Coach will call you to welcome you to Kareo. We will have a few preliminary questions to help get your account details started right away.

    How we're helping: Your Success Coach will meet with your Sales Representative to prepare for a Handoff Call with you, your Sales Representative, and your Success Coach. Your Success Coach will prepare the agenda for your Handoff Call and establish your Kareo Customer ID number.

    3. Handoff Call

    What to expect: Your Success Coach and your Sales Representative will have a 60-minute call for introductions and next steps.

    During this call we will review the following:

    • Your Kareo Service Agreement terms
    • Your current business status
    • The Onboarding Process Overview: what to expect
    • Required Documents Checklist
    • Training schedule and EHR integration

    How we're helping: Your Success Coach will set up your account, configure your software, and begin any EHR integrations and data imports. Your Success Coach will also schedule you for the required trainings and your Enrollments process will begin.

    4. Application Call

    What to expect: Your Success Coordinator will introduce your primary point of contact/office administrator to Kareo and the SmartWorkflow processes from front office tasks all the way through the charge entry and billing. This call should last about 60 minutes.

    During this call we will review the following:

    • Invoicing payment information
    • Software logins
    • User management
    • Patient data entry
    • Appointment scheduling
    • Patient payments and Stripe
    • Superbills/encounter forms
    • Fee schedule/list of CPT codes and fees for services
    • Document management
    • Charge entry
    • Reporting management

    How we're helping: Your Success Coach will configure your reports in your software, register your team for training, and share your scheduling and encounter forms with your Billing team.

    5. Billing Rules Call

    What to expect: You, your Success Coach and your Billing Team will have a 60-minute call for your billing rules. The Billing Rules Call will include an in-depth discussion around the specifics of your billing scenarios.

    The following information will be covered during this call:

    • Charges
    • Medical records and coding
    • Payments and A/R Management

    How we're helping: Your Success Team will configure your billing rules in your software and train your medical billing team on your account status and billing rules. Your Success Coach will also configure your fee schedules, set up all your insurances, ensure all your provider, practice, service location settings, and information is populated.

    6. Training

    What to expect: The Kareo Training Team offers live group sessions on a regular basis to help you understand how to use the Kareo Software Application.

    Here's what you'll learn:

    • Dashboard overview
    • Messaging options
    • Batch document instructions
    • Manage reports
    • Required logs
    • Create patient record
    • Complete calendar settings
    • Schedule patient appointments

    How we're helping: Your Success Coach will confirm your trainings are complete or reschedule if you have any conflicts.

    7. Enrollments Processing

    What to expect:

    • Work with Enrollments Team to ensure you are set up to start submitting claims.
    • Get set up with electronic claims submission, electronic funds transfer (EFT), and electronic remittance advice (ERA) to provide you quicker access to your funds and increased security.
    • Configure Payer Portal accounts so we can manage your medical billing effectively and efficiently.

    Every payer has a different process turnaround time, ranging from 30 to 160 days. We will prioritize your top three payers first so that we can get started submitting claims as quickly as possible.

    How we're helping:  Your Success Coach will also work with the Kareo Enrollments representative to ensure all necessary paperwork agreements are completed and submitted and monitor approvals, status updates, and any other information pertinent to the enrollments process. As payers complete your paperwork processing for e-claims, ERAs, and EFTs your Success Coach will notify you.

    8. First Claim

    What to expect: Your first milestone is your "go live" which will occur when we have your enrollments finalized for your top 3 payers*.

    • Your Success Coach will contact you once we are ready to go live and start submitting claims.
    • Your Success Coach will work with you to ensure the first set of charges are received properly.
    • Your Success Coach will then schedule a call with you and your Billing Team representative one week after the go live date to ensure that everything is working properly to ensure a successful billing process, and to answer any questions.

    *Medicare enrollments may take 30-45 days from the time enrollments are submitted.

    How we're helping:  Your Success Coach will be monitoring your first batch of charges to ensure they are properly received and submitted. Your Success Coach will also schedule bi-weekly phone calls to check in and ensure all your questions are addressed, and that you are able to successfully communicate with your entire Managed Billing team.

    9. Payments/Reimbursements

    What to expect:

    • The second milestone in your onboarding process is receiving payments/ERAs and auto-posting payments. Your payment posters will complete this setup.
    • Your Success Coach will let you know if we have any issues during the payment posting process.
    • Your Success Coach will message you when the first ERAs have been posted.
    • Once you go live, you will start receiving payments within one to two weeks.

    How we're helping:  Your Success Coach will message you when the first ERAs have been posted.

    10. Graduation

    What to expect: The final milestone in the onboarding process is Graduation. This is when your organization is fully ramped up and successfully sending all claims and receiving reimbursements.

    How we're helping: Your Success Coach and your Billing team will monitor your activity and review bi-weekly reports that outline your progress.  You Success Coach will then graduate your account fully to your Billing Team.

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