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About Document Management

Faxed, scanned or digital (Word, Excel, PDF) documents can be stored or attached to various records within Kareo. A document record includes the actual file and any descriptive information that you may add about the document. 

There are two places to store documents in Kareo:

  • Documents storage area of the application. Faxed or scanned documents end up here and can then be attached to certain records that allow document attachment.
  • Specific records that allow document attachment: patient, encounter, payment, provider or appointment.

The document storage allowance in Kareo PM is a maximum of 100MB per month, per provider; if your storage exceeds 100MB for a provider within a month, your account will be charged extra for each additional 100MB of storage space. Because scanned documents can take up a large amount of storage space, see Document Storage Policy & Best Practices for more information.

For more information on managing documents, see the following sections:

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