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Kareo Help Center

Toolbar Shortcuts

Use the Toolbar shortcuts at the top of the window to access the most frequently used tasks in the Kareo application.

Note: Kareo is a permission-driven application. Your permission level is determined by your Kareo Account Administrator. If you don't have access to a specific task or function described within these help topics, please contact the person in your office who is the Kareo application administrator.


New Patient: Click to create a new patient record.

Find Patients: Click to search for an existing patient record.

New Appointment: Click to create a new patient or non-patient appointment.

Find Appointment: Click to search for an appointment.

Daily Calendar: Click to open the daily calendar with a view of the current date.

Weekly Calendar: Click to open the weekly calendar with a view of the current week.

New Encounter: Click to create a new encounter record.

Find Encounter: Click to search for an existing encounter record or to track the status of all encounters.

Track Claim Status: Click to view a list of claims, edit individual claims, print one or more claims, submit eClaims and show transaction status on claims.

Receive Payment: Click to enter payment received.

Find Documents: Click to find and manage documents.

Find TasksClick to find a task.

Settings: Click to open the Settings home page, which provides a list of options to configure your company and practice.

Help: Click to access the Kareo Help & Support site, which includes user guides, training, eLearnings and the Kareo Blog.

Messages: Click to access the secure messaging system.

Patient Search FieldEnter a patient name to quickly search for a patient record.
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