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To Do List

To-Do List

The To Do List is automatically generated by the system to help you track your work and guide you through medical office processes. Below is a list of items that may be displayed in the To Do List sections. The items you see are determined by your assigned Kareo User Role(s).

To-Do List Section Task (may be displayed) Description
Before you submit encounters to the Business Office... Enter the Practice Information for the medical practice. Click on the Practice Information link to enter detailed information about the practice. 
Set up one or more Encounter Forms for the medical practice. Click the Encounter Forms link to open the New Encounter Form window and create an encounter form.
As part of your daily activities... You have xx task(s) overdue. Click the task(s) link to open the Find Task window and view outstanding tasks. 
You have xx Patient(s) scheduled for an appointment today. Click the Patient(s) link to open the Find Appointment window and view appointments for the day.
You have xx Draft Encounter(s) to submit to the Business Office. Click the Draft Encounter(s) link to open the Find Encounter window and view encounters under theDraft tab.
You can fax documents to kFax # (xxx) xxx-xxxx. Fax documents to the number provided.
As part of your monthly practice review... You should review monthly Reports for omissions or errors. Click the Reports link to open the Reports Home window and view a list of available reports.
You should review the Report Closing Date. Click the Report Closing Date link to open the Edit Reporting Options window and view or change the Report Closing Date
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