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Search Tips

The following search tips apply to finding records quickly in any list view of the Kareo workspace:

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Name Search

For best results, always use a single keyword when searching for a person's name; for example, first or last name (whichever is least common). If you are not sure of the correct spelling of a name, enter a partial name. This will return a list of all names that includes the letter combination you entered. For example, entering “ Dav” may return Davidson, Davis, Davinport, McDavid, etc.

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Number Search

When searching a zip code, Social Security number or phone number, use a full or partial number string without dashes or diagonal symbols.

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Code Search

  • When searching procedure or diagnosis codes, enter a full or partial number to return a list of all codes that include the number sequence entered.
  • When searching a code, enter a full or partial descriptive word. Because some code names may be abbreviated, enter the abbreviated name when possible. For example, entering "Consult" would return all procedures that have both Consult and Consultation in the name.
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