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Calendar Views

There are four Calendar views: Daily, Workweek, Weekly and Monthly.

To view the calendar

  1. Click Appointments on the top menu. Select one of the calendar views or; click the Daily Calendar - Daily Icon.jpg or Workweek Calendar - Workweek Icon.jpg icon in the top menu.

Calendar - Daily Noted.jpg

  1. Timeblock: Color-coded (customized by office manager with permissions).
  2. Appointment: Color-coded based on appointment reason.
  3. Eligibility status and note icons:

 Patient is eligible

 Patient is ineligible

 Eligibility is unknown

 Self Pay case

 Note added to appointment

  1. Legend for timeblocks.
  2. Calendar: Select a month, week or day.
  3. Service Location: Select the location to be scheduled for an appointment.
  4. Resource: List of resources for scheduling. Check one or more boxes to view calendars.
  5. Actions: Click for a list of appointment options.

Daily Calendar

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The Daily Calendar displays an entire day.

Calendar - Daily.jpg

Workweek Calendar

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The Workweek Calendar displays Monday-Friday.

Calendar - Workweek.jpg

Weekly Calendar

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The Weekly Calendar displays Sunday-Saturday.

Calendar - Weekly.jpg

Monthly Calendar

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The Monthly Calendar displays an entire month.

Calendar - Monthly.jpg

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