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Run Batch Eligibility Check

With Batch Eligibility Check, you can open the Daily Calendar and run insurance eligibility for all patients scheduled that day. Some notes about Batch Eligibility Check:

  • Batch eligibility checks are based on the following appointment details: Patient, primary insurance associated to the appointment case, and the provider. In the case of multiple providers associated to an appointment, Kareo attempts to use the most appropriate provider.
  • Eligibility status may be delayed in displaying since eligibility reports are dependent on a response from each payer.
  • Running multiple batch eligibility checks for the same day results in checks only for new appointments added to the calendar since the last run. Patients with a recent eligibility report run in the last 30 days are also excluded.

arrow_orange.jpgTo run batch eligibility check

  1. Open the Daily Calendar.
  2. Click Actions in the lower right corner of the window.
  3. Select Run Batch Eligibility Check.

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