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Appointment: New Patient

For convenience, a patient appointment can be set at the time of creating a new patient record.

arrow_orange.jpgTo create a new patient appointment

1. On the New Patient window, click Save & Schedule. This saves the new patient record and opens the Appointment Details window.

2. Complete the appointment details. See below.

3. When finished entering the appointment details, click Save.

Edit section

Appointment - New Patient.jpg

  1. Type: Click to select Patient Appointment.
  2. Patient: The patient's name displays.
    Select a location from the drop-down list.
  3. Reasons: Optional. Select a reason from the drop-down list, then click AddTo remove a reason, right-click on the reason and click DeleteNote: A list of appointment reasons is only available if one has been set up. See Add Appointment Reasons.
    Resources: Select one or more resources from the drop-down list you want to schedule for this appointment and click Add. To remove a resource, right-click on the resource and click Delete.
  4. Confirmation Status: "Scheduled" is selected by default. If you choose, select another option from the drop-down menu; these statuses can be used to track appointment work flow.
  5. Case: Click to add one or more cases if not yet recorded on the record.
  6. Authorization: If an authorization number assigned by the patient’s insurance company has already been entered, that number will appear here. If required for the visit, click the Authorization button to select it (double-click to select). 
  7. Date/Time: Select the start and end date/times.
  8. RecurrenceClick to set the appointment to recurring.
  9. Notes: Optional. When notes are entered, a symbol will appear on the calendar to alert staff to check the appointment notes.
  10. Check Eligibility: Click to check patient eligibility. After checking eligibility, one of three statuses is displayed: Patient is eligible, Patient is ineligible, Eligibility is unknown.
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