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View Patient Surveys & Reviews

With instant updates of patient survey results and online reviews, Kareo Marketing makes it easy to monitor your digital reputation. 

Access Surveys & Reviews

  1. Hover over the Marketing icon and click Surveys & Reviews. The Surveys & Reviews page opens.
  2. Select the provider from the drop-down list at the top of the window. The selected provider's Surveys & Reviews display. 

PF access surveys and reviews.png

Activate Review Monitoring

Before patient survey results and online reviews can be seen, the Review Monitoring feature must be activated.

Click Turn on Review Monitoring to enable the feature.

MKTG activate review monitoring.png

View Patient Survey Results and Online Reviews

  1. Click to open, view, and customize settings for Surveys & Reviews.
  2. The number of Patient Surveys and reviews from Google and Yelp display with the average star rating near the top of the page.
  3. Use filter options under Patient Review Activity to narrow results.
  • Sort by: Newest First (default), Oldest First, Highest Rated, Lowest Rated
  • Filter by: All Reviews or select 1 through 5 Stars
  • Enter a date range: By default, the last 30 days display. Enter a different date range, if desired.
  1. Review Status Indicators
  • New: the review has not been viewed by any user in the practice.
  • Featured: the review has been published to the provider's profile.
  1. The review source shows where the review originated.
  2. The submitting patient's name, review rating, and date submitted display.
    Note: Click the patient name for a Kareo Patient Survey review to open the submitting patient's record.
  3. Patient testimonial (if included) displays.
  4. Click View Review to read review details.


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