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Manage Surveys & Reviews Settings

Kareo Marketing helps build your online presence by allowing you to set custom options for collecting post-visit patient reviews. Begin by selecting where you would like to focus collecting patient reviews, then specify the sites where you would like to direct your patients, and choose a minimum star rating that patients must give before being redirected.

Access Surveys & Reviews Settings

  1. Hover over the User icon and select Practice Settings. The Practice Settings menu opens.
  2. Click Surveys & Reviews. The Surveys & Reviews settings page opens.

PF surveys & reviews settings 1.png

Manage Surveys & Reviews Settings

Click an option to choose where you'd like to start building up your reviews:

  1. Kareo Reviews (set by default): Directs patients to your Kareo provider profile page. This option requires no further setup.
  2. Reviews Around the Web: Set custom options for directing patients to leave reviews on third-party review sites. Once selected, customization settings open.

PF surveys & reviews settings 2.png

Step 1: Specify your review sites.

  1. Enter information to direct patients to your review sites.
  • Kareo Provider Profile:
    • This box auto-populates by default with your Kareo Provider Profile URL.
  • Google+ URL:
    • This box auto-populates if your Google+ page URL is entered in your Kareo Provider Profile.
    • If blank, paste your Google+ URL in the box provided.
    • Enter /?review=1 at the end of the URL to bring patients directly to reviews on your Google+ page.
  • Other URL:
    • Enter your profile URL for a third-party review site that you regularly use. (e.g., Healthgrades, Yelp, etc.)

Step 2: Where would you like to start collecting more reviews?

  1. Click to choose an option. Patients will be directed to one review site based on your selection below and their email provider.
  • Google+ and your Kareo Provider Profile:
    • Directs patients with Gmail to your Google+ page.
    • Patients with a non-Gmail account are sent to your Kareo Provider Profile.
  • Google+ and the other third-party site you specified above:
    • Directs patients with Gmail to your Google+ page.
    • Patients with a non-Gmail account are sent to the site entered in the Other URL box in Step 1.
  • Only the third-party site you specified above:
    • Directs every patient (regardless of email provider) to post a review on the site entered in the Other URL box in Step 1.

Step 3: Specify your minimum rating for redirecting.

  1. Click to select a minimum star threshold for redirecting patients.
  • Four stars is recommended, and three stars is automatically set by default.
  • Patients who give a star rating at or above the threshold will be directed to the review site option chosen in Step 2.
  • A star rating given below the threshold will direct the patient to leave feedback through Kareo, which you can review privately and publish to your provider profile, if desired.
  1. Click Save to record all changes. A green Successfully Saved confirmation message displays at the top of the page.

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