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Compose and Send a Message

The Kareo Marketing Message Center enables users to easily send and receive messages within the practice and communicate with patients. The system's enhanced features allow you to create custom templates to help save time on your most commonly sent messages, build patient groups to improve patient engagement, and schedule future delivery so that group messages arrive at a specific or ideal time. 

Open a New Message

  1. Click the envelope icon on right of the top navigation bar. The messaging summary window opens.
  2. Click New Message. The New Message window opens.
MKTG compose message 1.png

Compose a Message to Patient(s)

Messages can be emailed directly to individual or multiple patients. When more than one patient is selected to receive the message, the email is sent to each patient individually and the other recipients are undisclosed. 

Note: Do not include PHI, as the message is non-secure. 

  1. Click Patients as the recipient.
  2. Choose an option:
  1. To send a message to one or more specific patients: Begin typing a patient's name and select it when displayed. 
  2. To send a message to a pre-set group of patients: Click Patient Group and choose the group name from the drop-down list.
  1. Click an option to choose who the message will be sent from.
    Note: The message will appear to be sent by the selected provider or service location and responses will be delivered to the original sender.
  • Provider: Select a specific provider from the drop-down list.
  • Location: The location name auto-populates for single-location practices. If your practice has multiple locations, select the correct location from the drop-down menu.
  1. Click to choose an message format.
  • Email: Enter a subject line and message in a standard email format.
  • Template: Choose a pre-set template from the drop-down list. The selected template information auto-populates.
  1. Schedule (displays only when sending a Template message to a Patient Group):
  • Send Immediately: Click to send the message right away.
  • Set Specific Date/Time: Click this option to select a future date and time to send the message. 
  1. Preview/Send:
  • Preview: Available when sending a Template message. Click to see how the message will appear to recipients. Click Send from the Preview window, or click Back to return to the previous window and make 
  • Send: Click to send your message.

MKTG compose message 2.png

Compose a New Message to Staff

Users within the practice can easily and securely send messages to one another through the Message Center. The system also allows you to reference patients and add documents.

  1. Click Staff as the recipient.
  2. Begin typing a the recipient's name and select it when displayed. 
  3. To reference a patient, begin typing the patient's name and select it when displayed. 
  4. If desired, click Document to browse and attach an image or document of any kind (not to exceed 10MB).
  5. Enter the Subject of the message.
  6. Enter a message in the Body field.
  7. Click Send.

MKTG compose message 3.png

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