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Telehealth Visit

Updated: 10/08/2021
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Kareo Telehealth is the next generation HIPAA compliant video visit solution. Telehealth visits can be conducted on a computer or mobile device with up to 100 participants. This allows providers the flexibility to host multiple patients or providers in one visit room.


Available for Kareo Telehealth subscribers.

Join Telehealth Visit

  1. Click Join on the Scheduled telehealth appointment. The video appointment opens in a new browser window. 
    Note: The button to join is accessible for all users in the practice. It displays 30 minutes before the appointment start time and remains available until 2 hours after the appointment end time. 
  1. If necessary, activate the microphone and camera. Click Request permissions.
  2. Click Allow to use the microphone and camera. The telehealth visit room launches to wait for or join participants. 



Navigate Telehealth Visit

  • Once participants are in the telehealth visit room, they can use the following features:
    1. Screenshare window: If applicable, displays a participant's screen being shared.
    2. Participant windows: Displays the video stream of the participant when their camera is on.
      Tip_Icon.pngTip: Quickly edit the display name in the bottom left of the window: click once in the name box, make the desired change, then click Done.
      • For layout options, hover over a video and click the more options icon in the upper right of the window.
        Note: The volume control for other participants is also available under these options. 
    3. Cam: Click to turn the camera on or off.
    4. Mic: Click to turn the microphone on or off.
    5. Share/Stop: Only available for laptop and desktop devices. Click to initiate a screen share and choose to share the contents of the entire screen, application window, or browser tab. Then, click to stop screen sharing when finished. 
      Note: The participant's video continues streaming while they share their screen and multiple participants can share their screen at the same time.
    6. Chat: Hover over the icon to enter and send a chat message to participants.
      Note: For HIPAA compliance, the chat feature is only intended for communication during the visit and will not be saved later.
      • To view and continue the chat conversation, click to expand the Chat panel.
    7. People: Click to expand the panel to view the list of participants in the room.
      Note: The Cam and Mic icons next to the participant's display name indicates whether they have their camera and microphone on or off. 
    8. Leave: Click to exit the room and complete the visit.
      • If the visit room was left by mistake, click rejoin this session
      • If the visit room window was closed by mistake, join or copy the link to rejoin the session. 

Telehealth Visit Layout Options

  • Hover over a video and click the more options icon in the upper right of the window. Depending on the window, there are several desktop layout options available that include:
    • Maximize/Minimize: Click to make a window the largest or make the window smaller again. 
    • Fullscreen: Click to make a window take up the entire screen.
    • Pop out: Click to pop the window out of the grid layout and onto the bottom right corner of the room.
      • To return the window to the grid layout, click Move to Grid.
    • Edit/Set display name: Click to change the display name shown to everyone in the room.
    • Stop Screenshare: Click to stop screen sharing

Note: Participants can also drag and drop each window for more customization.


Layout Examples

  • Example of a visit room with the default grid layout.
  • Example layout of a maximized screenshare (or participant) window and participant pop out.