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Telehealth FAQs

Updated: 10/08/2021
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Answers to the most common Kareo Telehealth questions.

Question Answer
What is Kareo Telehealth? Kareo Telehealth is the next generation video visit solution from Kareo. It provides a more integrated experience with the Kareo platform.
Does Kareo Telehealth require a Kareo Billing subscription? No. Telehealth can be bundled with either Clinical or Billing, or both.
Is Kareo Telehealth secure? Yes. Kareo Telehealth is HIPAA compliant and uses peer-to-peer encryption to protect you and your patients.

Being a peer-to-peer system means Kareo Telehealth is an internet browser based system where participants connect through audio and video via a unique URL. Once connected, data transmits directly between those participants with no servers (e.g., Kareo) in between.
Why am I experiencing connectivity issues? Here are some connectivity issues to be aware of regarding a peer-to-peer connection:
  • During the first few minutes, the audio and video may be choppy. This clears up once the connection is established. 
  • Participants using bandwidth via other online activity (e.g., downloading large files, streaming media) can affect the quality of the video visit.
  • A slow internet connection limits video quality as it restricts how fast video can be sent and received.
  • Participants running unnecessary applications takes up computer processing power and can affect the quality of the video visit.
  • Any participant(s) with a poor internet connection can impact the quality of the video visit for everyone.

If you are experiencing issues with the microphone and/or camera, review Telehealth Microphone and Camera Settings in Chrome

How many participants can be in a video visit? Kareo Telehealth currently supports 4 total participants, including yourself for any appointment type.
Who is a participant? A participant is an individual who can join a telehealth video visit. For example: a participant could be a patient, doctor,  patient advocate, or a guardian.
Can I conduct visits on a tablet or mobile phone? Yes. Log into on your mobile device to join a video appointment.

Kareo Telehealth is not supported on Kareo's mobile app.
What kind of internet connection is required to conduct visits? Do participants need wifi?  For one-to-one conversations, at least 2.5 mbps download and 2 mbps upload speeds are required to maintain a connection.

For multiple participants, at least 3.2 mbps download and upload speeds are required. Most 4G LTE data connections exceed this requirement. If necessary, participants can join using a cell connection. However, wifi is more reliable overall, and helps ensure the participants aren't driving through bad service areas.
What kind of devices can participants use to join a visit? Participants can use any computer, tablet, or phone. The device needs a stable internet connection, camera, microphone, and browser.
What browsers and devices are supported? The following are supported browsers for best use of Kareo Telehealth on a desktop or laptop:
  • The latest version of Chrome
    Note: Chrome is the preferred browser for optimal use for Kareo Telehealth and the only browser that supports screen sharing.
  • The latest version of Firefox
  • The latest version of Opera
  • The latest version of Vivaldi

The following browsers are partially supported due to potential audio issues and unsaved settings:

  • Safari and Microsoft Edge

The following are recommended for best use of Kareo Telehealth on a mobile device:

  • iOS and iPad OS using Safari 11 or higher
  • Android OS using the latest version of Chrome

Note: Screen sharing is not support on mobile devices.

How soon can I get started with Kareo Telehealth? Instantly. As a Kareo customer, you can subscribe and begin scheduling and conducting visits immediately with no onboarding.
How does a patient receive the invitation to join the video visit? Instructions and a unique URL to join the video visit is sent to the patient through an email or text appointment reminder.

In order for a patient to receive communications: Appointment reminders are not available for Group AppointmentsSend the appointment link to patients or participants to join the telehealth visit room at the time of the appointment. 
Can I customize the appointment reminder the patient receives? Yes. Kareo Engage subscribers can customize the Telehealth Email or Text sent to patients.

Customize the Telehealth templates for the following appointment reminders:

Can I send Telehealth consent forms with Kareo? Yes. Kareo Engage subscribers can send a telehealth specific consent form using the template through Patient Intake.
Can I chart and conduct a video visit at the same time? Yes. Kareo Telehealth is browser based and opens in a new tab. You can simply toggle between the two, or drag and drop the tab into its own window and resize for your convenience.
Can other staff members start a video visit, or only the provider? Yes, other staff members can start or join a video visit from the Calendar or Dashboard if needed.
When I screen share, do I have to share my entire screen? No. You can select whether you want to share your entire screen, a specific window of your browser, or a specific application you have running. Screen share is available when using Chrome on a desktop computer or laptop.
What pricing plans are available? Refer to the Kareo Telehealth section of the Pricing Policy.


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